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Pleasant Birthday Surprises

I was just expecting a simple birthday celebration just to mark my day. I must say I got a bunch of friends from all the organizations that I have gotten myself into. However, I decided to just have a simple dinner with my housemates mainly because I don’t want to spend so much just for my birthday. I didn’t even bother to get a cake. A birthday will still be a birthday without a cake. Anyways, I believe that it is already up to the people around me if they think I deserve a good birthday. If not, then I will completely understand if I wasn’t being a good girl during the previous year in my life and will try to do better in the coming years ^_^. Furthermore, I am also trying to save for something. Fortunately, our office building has great facilities like swimming pool, gym and tennis court. Tenants can enjoy using the facilities for free as long as we have the tenants card. I borrowed it from my management and had my birthday dinner with my housemates at our swimming pool.

Gladly, my day turned out to be extra special (like it always did the previous years). My sincere thanks to everyone for all Birthday love. Thank you for putting up your genuine time, money and effort. It really gave me priceless happiness! Each single year has always been heart-moving. It’s more than enough to say that I’ve been a really good girl and will do my best to do even better (hopefully) ^_^ Indeed, it’s something I will treasure for the rest of my life. If there are things that I am very grateful in my life right now, that is for having thoughtful housemates, a sweet boyfriend, a supportive family, a generous boss and loving friends. ❤


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