Accidentally Walked up to a Guy Jerking Off In Singapore

I was on my way home last night from our dance rehearsal. It was around 12AM when I reached around our area in Bedok Reservoir.  I was crossing via an overpass. When I started to make my way slowly up the bridge, I was taking a video of the way because I was planning to show to someone. As I went further up and turned around, I saw a guy standing few steps in front of me. His short was held down and he was jerking off. Gosh! He looked at me in surprise but still continued on what he was doing. It seemed like he was at his peak already because his hand was moving very fast (errr). I was very shocked but I tried my best to keep calm and just kept walking slowly like I don’t care what he was up to. I quickly switched my hand as if I was looking at my phone like I was just on a video call with someone so he will be scared of approaching me.

When I passed by in front of him, my phone unfortunately switched off. I bet he figured that I was not actually on the phone with someone and maybe he was suspecting that I was just taking a video of him. I started to walk faster away from him. After a few seconds, he started to hiss. I looked around but there’s no one else. He kept hissing as I heard footsteps from behind approaching me. The moment I heard a voice saying “heyyy!!!”, I started to run as fast as I could. As I was going down the bridge, I took a glance at the nearby places. There was nobody else to help me even at the bus stops. I just kept running as fast as I could until I reached the playground below our flat. I was panting, trying to catch my breathe. I looked around and he was no longer following me.  Luckily, I was in my rubber shoes. I can run really fast.

I thought I should not go home straight away because he might still be around and might figure where I live. But I was really very tired from work plus from our dance rehearsal so I just went up our flat and shared about it to my loved ones before I went to sleep. They were worried and were asking me to take extra safety measures. We hope that was nothing so serious. I checked my phone hoping the video is there so I can have evidence if I’m gonna make a police report about the incident. But nope. I remembered my phone died. >.<

The guy was maybe around his 30s. I don’t want to name a race because I am not really sure. But friends, be extra careful when you are out. This is very unlikely in Singapore. Anything can really happen at any time and any place.


4 Comments on “Accidentally Walked up to a Guy Jerking Off In Singapore

  1. Glad you got home safely. Bring a power bank with you especially when you are out for the whole day.


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