Art Flash Edition

Here’s to re-igniting my passion in Art! ❤️

Aside from writing, I always love drawing / painting / any artsy stuff when I was a kid. So this is a perfect avenue for me to re-connect with my inner Art Nerd. 🤓

This passion sparked when I saw how good was my older brother with all the drawing stuff even when we were just kids. As siblings, we did had tremendous sibling rivalries like many others. We fought like mad dogs. But whether we like it or not, we were still mostly together, side-by-side, in most things. Our lovely parents just loves to put us that way, Sadly, for some reasons, he didn’t pursue his passion. And I just don’t want to let it happen to me. So, I am doing this to pull back my passion in art because I can feel that it is slowly fading. Well, I hope this can awaken my brother’s too.

Ops! Thou shall not have high expectations. I am not really good at this but I just cant let this small fire inside me🔥 slowly die. So, I will now keep things documented here with the hope that I’ll be able to keep track with my progress. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy this article.

It’s been really years and years since the last time I sketched. So let’s start with an ART FLASH EDITION.  I’ll be posting some of my previous artworks that i have dug up from my archives.

PS: I’ll be updating this article for new Art Flash entries. I will just keep pressing this post every time I have updates so that you will get notified if you are following my blog. If not, feel free to click the follow button below and let’s be awesome together! 🙃

ART FLASH ENTRY NO. 1 (30th Apr 2018):
This is one of my drawings back in college, probably around 2009. Most of my classmates back in school are working students. I always wait for my classmates to finish work at our school library. But I don’t really read books in the library, I hate reading. If u don’t see me checking out photos on the books in the library, I’m probably drawing! ☺️


ART FLASH ENTRY NO. 2  (1 May 2018):
It was during my first few months here in Singapore, I was frustrated about my job hunting results. I was alone at home because everyone was out for work. I sat down and decided to add colors to my favorite drawing (back in college). I just took a photo of it and imported it to Adobe Photoshop.
I was in fourth year college when I started to learn Adobe Photoshop through patiently watching YouTube tutorials. I remember I would grab my classmates’ profile photos on their social medias and edit them. They loved it and would ask me to edit more.
This was the first time I decided to incorporate photoshop touches to my drawings. I got this idea from my Thesis partner’s (back in school) girlfriend who has incredible works in her Deviant Art. Her name is Gail. But I wasn’t able to stay in touch with her works after they broke up. 😦


The Art Nerd Inside 2

You may also follow theartnerd.inside on instagram to keep track with my art stories. Please don’t hesitate to share with me your thoughts especially on how I can improve. I am a work in progress and I’d love to hear them. ☺


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