Astons: Value for Money SteakHouse in Singapore

Last Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019, we had dinner with the entire Sales Team at work. It is to celebrate the team’s success for hitting our sales target for the year 2018.


We dined at Astons Specialties at Kallang Wave Mall along Stadium place. I initially dont have any background about this place. It was our Boss who suggested. And according to him, they offer some of the best Western cuisine in Singapore, serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for casual dining and group gatherings. Hmm.. interesting!

When we arrived at the Kallang Wave Mall’s parking area, we were having trouble finding the place which is at #02-04. The mall is just so damn huge and it is like a maze!


I took charge of taking the team’s orders so it will be easier and faster fo us to give to the counter. With ordering done at the counter instead of the usual wait service, Astons is able to pass on that “labour cost” savings to the diner.


Looking at the menu, it presents a variety of steaks, chicken, spaghetti, burgers, and many more, so there is something for everyone on the menu.

For me, I made sure to order my best choice since Boss is paying (haha!). I ordered the New York Steak under their Legendary Steak Menu beautifully cooked to Medium perfection with 2 side dishes , BBQ Beans & Mashed Potato. I honestly dont have idea what to expect. I just saw the price is above average. (Haha)

My order it turned out really great! I love it so muc that I really cleared my plate. I find their prices are true value for money. Yes, without sacrificing quality. Astons Specialities makes one of the most enjoyable and tasty dishes at affordable prices. In addition their steak options, they also offer items for the non-beef lovers such as the Crispy Fried Fish , a large piece of fried white fish with breaded crumbs as well as the Chicken and Sausage Combo.

I am definitely coming back to try out one of their Spaghetti Fiesta Menu.

Here’s to share Astons Menu. They have a couple of outlets here in Singapore. Feel free to visit their website for more info.

Astons's Menu.jpg


15 Comments on “Astons: Value for Money SteakHouse in Singapore

  1. I’m not really a huge meat eater but I know folks who are always on the lookout for the best steak. Will share this with them!


  2. MEAT YES! This would be a place I would go very frequently.


  3. Always looking for a good steak house – especially an affordable one. On the list for when I am in Singapore next


  4. The crispy fried fish sounds good. It’s been awhile since i’ve had a dish that is similar.


  5. It certainly sounds like you got good that was cooked well and tasty. Nice review.


  6. Looks like the menu is pretty nice. I can tell customer service is great as well. I am excited to pay a visit.


  7. I don’t eat steak, but I LOVE getting great value for my money. That’s always a wonderful thing that will keep me coming back!


  8. This sounds like a great place to eat — the menu has an extensive variety of food to choose from.


  9. I really love food adventure. The steak looks yum I would love to visit this SteakHouse somedaty awesome review.


  10. I am loving the ambiance of the steakhouse and the menu looks so good. There are so many items to choose from. I think there is something for everyone


  11. We went to Singapore last year and I love the foods! I hope I knew this back then. Probably good for future reference.


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