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The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2019: Five More Fun Days To Go!

Grab your thrill-seeking friends!


Graphika Manila 2019: Beyond Expectations

The experience left me with a brighter outlook, armed with igniting words. From here, I look forward to push myself even more. 🙂

Astons: Value for Money SteakHouse in Singapore

Astons Specialities makes one of the most enjoyable and tasty dishes at affordable prices. In addition their steak options, they also offer items for the non-beef lovers such as the Crispy Fried Fish , a large piece of fried white fish with breaded crumbs as well as the Chicken and Sausage Combo.

When Death Comes, How Will He Take You?

..we are all going to die! You and me. Your brother, sister, mom and dad, your neighbor, your dog, your lovely plant and everyone else or everything else are gonna fade away one day!

Cebu’s New: MACTAN International Airport Terminal 2!

Cebu’s New Int’l Airport

CafĂ© Talk Library: Cebu’s Bookworm Paradise

Bookworm Paradise

Looking At Myself

Looking at myself in photographs or in the mirror sometimes forces me to reflect about the person I’ve become at this point in time. For me, this is me doing my best to get by. …to take it one day at a time, …to…