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Curated Secrets: What It Means To Be With You

You are worth so much more than you think you are!


Discovered A Gem From A Trial Shoot

Whenever there is an opportunity to invite, I’d always grab the chance. It always feels great to share. Furthermore, I always feel that there’s actually more potential individuals out there but they just don’t get much opportunity. Some of them are my friends and…

Dream Top Model Season 3 Journey

I don’t really have that awesome moves to call myself a dancer. I don’t even have that perfect flawless skin to really consider myself a model. Nor have I an exceptional convincing skill to call myself a sales executive. But what makes it look like I’m just having a pretty good busy life in Singapore?

Bridal Themed Photoshoot

This was one of the significant days I had in my modelling experience. I got to meet more talented people in the industry. It was my first outdoor photoshoot and it was NERVE-RACKKKIIING! >.< My mom kept messaging me. She reminded me to keep…