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When Death Comes, How Will He Take You?

..we are all going to die! You and me. Your brother, sister, mom and dad, your neighbor, your dog, your lovely plant and everyone else or everything else are gonna fade away one day!


Behind The Scarlet Cape

Felicia Ow’s Scarlet Cape

Looking At Myself

Looking at myself in photographs or in the mirror sometimes forces me to reflect about the person I’ve become at this point in time. For me, this is me doing my best to get by. …to take it one day at a time, …to…

Super Heroes in Combat Boots

What reading posts about the siege in Marawi, Philippines, reminds me about.

Accidentally Walked up to a Guy Jerking Off In Singapore

I was on my way home last night from our dance rehearsal. It was around 12AM when I reached around our area in Bedok Reservoir.  I was crossing via an overpass. When I started to make my way slowly up the bridge, I was taking a…

Pleasant Birthday Surprises

  I was just expecting a simple birthday celebration to mark my day. Not to brag, but I got a bunch of friends from all the organizations that I have gotten myself into – from modelling groups, dancing, workmates, housemates, and other friends. But…

To My Wonderwoman on Valentines Day

If there’s one person I look up to about love, it is YOU, mom! You have been through life! Broken, neglected, taken advantage of, suspected and blah blah blah! Name it! I think you are making it your bucket list! Sorry, I didn’t mean…

Letting Go Letter

We all know that “letting go” is one of the hardest part of a relationship especially when you know from your heart that you still love that person but things are just not getting any better. “Letting go” requires time to really think especially…

To My Fellowmen on Duterte’s Candidacy for President

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is the usual question teachers would ask during grade school. My answer was always “I want to become a good doctor someday”.