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Graphika Manila 2019: Beyond Expectations

The experience left me with a brighter outlook, armed with igniting words. From here, I look forward to push myself even more. 🙂


Cebu’s New: MACTAN International Airport Terminal 2!

Cebu’s New Int’l Airport

Café Talk Library: Cebu’s Bookworm Paradise

Bookworm Paradise

Behind The Scarlet Cape

Felicia Ow’s Scarlet Cape

Where To Get That Great Summer Escape in Singapore?

Singapore Summer Escape

A Sunset or A Sunrise?

Are you a team Sunset or a team Sunrise?

This is the story behind my Sunset or Sunrise painting. I did this few months ago. It was midnight and I was supposed to make revisions on an Artwork for my Client’s uniform. I was half-way done until I just suddenly felt like I wanted to stop and do something else.